We Are Back!
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We have gone through an evolution from an Urban Terror only group to a smaller (its just me) group that runs multiple game servers.  Originally we were several members of the venerable (I cant even remember the name it was so long ago) clan playing Urban Terror 4.1
The website and server owner just disappeared one day and left us all hanging.  I created a website and got a few servers so we could continue to enjoy our time together.   Urban Terror slowly declined in popularity and we tried a few other games like DayZ and Counterstrike before finally just kind of fading away.  That was my fault because I was devoting all my free time to the site and servers and just got burned out.  Well now I am back ... part time anyways ... I am not going to devote my life to a 'game' 24/7, but will devote some of my free time.  I am hoping to get a few others who would like to donate some of their free time and we can keep this going and all have a good time.

remember, its not about the game or winning and losing ... its about the friendship, comaraderie and enjoyment of the games.

I am still in the process of getting some servers up and running and customizing them as well as the website.  If you would like to run a game server here, for FREE, just ask. Contact me on Discord (bottom of the page)

Avoid Death and Dismemberment!

A Multiplayer Survival Game


I know what you're saying oh my God not another hack and slash RPG! Well this is not just another hack and slash RPG. This is a hack and slash RPG Survival game. You are meant to survive as long as possible. We give you the tools but it's up to you to be more cunning more careful stronger and better than everybody else because when you die with no save points who's no spawning in and Gathering up all your stuff and starting right where you left off. You died your body and items are scavenge anything you've built is up for grabs all your minions find new Masters.

 Miss game everyone starts off the same it is up to you what you want to practice what you want to learn everything is open. Who can teach you? Anyone who's better than you at that skill. So if you're a skilled Warrior and you team up with a skilled magician you can teach each other.


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