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UrT: SkeetShoot

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Urban Terror 4.3 Server: 

Urban Terror is a FREE multiplayer game that is a mod of the old Quake 3 Arena.  

This server is running 3 diiferent versions of the "SkeetShoot" map, all are basically the same though.  This is just a single player map where the enemy is tossed up into the air like 'skeet' and you have to shoot as many as possible.  Its designed to use the SR-8 but really you could use any weapon although its hard to get one-shot kills with a rifle or pistol.   It is a fun map just because its all about your own skill, nobody is shooting back, no pressure, just aim and shoot.

Download Urban Terror >here<
Official Website is >here<
Skeetshoot Video is >here<




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