BEC Scheduler

Q: I want to have a message run every N (Hour, Min, Sec) on my server but stop showing it after 10 times.
A: You can do something like this.
<job id=’0′>
<cmd>say -1 text xyz</cmd>
This will start the job after one hour and show the message, it will continue to show the message nine times more, once each hour
Q: How can i set a task to repeat itself within a give time frame of the day. ?
Example i want to show message: “Wherez My Beer Dude” every 15 min from 18:00:00 to 20:00:00
I don’t want to create tons of jobs nor do i want to have same message repeating itself all time.
A: You can not stop a task at a precise time.
but we can do this somewhat. We will be using the hh:mm:ss in start tag and some simple math.
So. from 18:00 to 20:00 there is 120 minutes.. ok so we know the total minutes it should be active.
Now to do an estimate: 120 total min / 15 min interval = 8
So we are left with 8 times the messages should be show.
we just put this in our scheduler file
<job id=’0′>
<cmd>say -1 Wherez My Beer Dude</cmd>
We don’t use loop 8, but 7 because we show the message once then repeat it 7 times more with 15 min apart.
In total 8 messages will be shown
Q: I have a job that is set to use a external bat script. but it doesn’t work.
A: There could be several reasons to it.
-*- Check List -*-
1 – Check your path in your scheduler.xml file, make sure its the full path and set correct.
Thought Bec should detect this if its wrong.
2 – if Bec is started up with the –dec parameter, it will be auto disabled.
(Bec.exe -f my_config.cfg –dec ) disables Bec from using external commands.
This is the case for both the Scheduler.xml and the Commands.xml file
GameHosters that are using Bec and not using (–dec) sets them self at a security risk.
But that another story and not really my problem.
3 – Try run it in CMD.exe, see how it works without Bec.
4 – Keep in mind that the CWD (Current Work Directory) your bat|cmd script or program will have is the same as your Bec install.
Let say the path you have your Bec installed is at (C:\Tools\Bec).
This is and will be the CWD of your script even if its located in C:\Scripts\Myfile.bat or some other place.
Depending on your script and what it does, you might need to set a new work-dir by editing your script with something like:
set NewCWD=”C:\Scripts\”
cd /d %NewCWD%
do stuff
Q: Which commands does the scheduler support?
A: The scheduler supports these commands in the <cmd> tag.
say -1 some text
maxping 250
#mission filename (without the .pbo extension)

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