Frank Harris

aka Shootingblanks

First of all my Internet pseudo name came from the fact that I love playing first person shooters, but I am bad. Are used to play the game and think that my character was shooting “blanks” because I couldn’t hit anybody

I have always been Fascinated by computers and games since first introduced to Wolfenstein 3-D on a classic 8088 PC in 1994 or thereabouts

Fascinated by computers and games since first introduced to Wolfenstein 3-D on a classic 8088 PC in 1994 or thereabouts, since then I have always been learning more about programming Linux administration and multiplayer games it is literally my passion I wake up at 3 o’clock in the morning and think about writing code.

How I (and IAre Gamer) got to where it is today

  • 1990’s operated a BBS (majorBBS) with 16 incoming phone lines. this is where I started developing games.
  • at the same time the Internet was just developing and my BBS software morphed into an AOL like product called World Group. I leased phone numbers from a national company and provided dial-up Internet access nationwide until the high-speed cable Internet came along
  • In 2000 I joined a group of online game players and we formed the Pizza militia playing urban terror. We rented our first VPS servers and hosted our own dedicated game servers. This this taught me Linux administration and all about the connection issues of game servers.
  • To help control our urban terror servers, we used a software called B3 which I wrote several Scripts in python to automate our servers. The jewel was one to allow players in separate game servers to communicate with each other using IRQ protocol
  • The days of urban terror came to an end and we switched to counterstrike servers all the while hosting our own dedicated servers for our games.
  • And then DayZ came along which catapulted my coding experience to another level. A modification for Arma games it actually has its own scripting language, Armascript which allows you to completely change gameplay. The community site I became a guru with the highest number of post and solved all kinds of server issues
  • after hosting game servers on our own VPS machines for 16 years, in 2016 I started providing game servers for friends no charge just so that I could help administer set up and code dedicated servers.
  • in 2018 we switch to an open sourced game server software, open game panel. This was not quite ready for commercial use so for two years myself and several other developers heavily modified this software where it is what we have now, a fully functional billing in server management system
  • January 1, 2020 we went live with I Are Gamer Providing game servers at an affordable price because that’s what we love to do

somewhere along the way I had read a lot of books about game development, and finally I was introduced to the unreal engine and unity 3-D. These allow small groups or individuals to create games quickly and professionally . rust in seven days to die are both games developed in unity 3-D. We are currently developing games using unity 3-D and if you look at the development page you can see some information about progress on our latest game

it sounds like I did this all by myself but I couldn’t be where I am without the help of others such as mr. skellington, Nerp, Critofur, Boba Fetish, bebiano and numerous others as well as my family and friends who have tolerated my obsession

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