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Your Query Port is the same as your Connection port.
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We install the most recent release of Urban Terror. From the ADDONS page, you may be able to install an older version.
Our servers come pre-installed with Spunky Bot to help administer your server, refer to the wiki page for Spunky Bot.
To configure your server to work with SpunkyBot, make sure these settings are configured in your server.cfg
seta g_logsync "1"
seta g_loghits "1"
seta g_friendlyfire "2"

How to Add Bots
In your Server.cfg file you need to have these THREE settings IN ORDER:
1-Enable the bots with bot_enable “1”
2-Load the Map. The bots must be enabled BEFORE the map is loaded.
3-Add the Bots

set bot_enable “1”
map ut4_kingdom
addbot cougar 4 Blue 46 Testicle-of-Terror
addbot python 2 Red 176 HarryMangina
addbot penguin 3 Blue 56 ShitStorm
addbot chicken 5 Red 86 THE_Terminator

The addbot line is defined as such:
addbot <type> <level> <team> <ping> <server nick>
where type is one of several types.
Read the official documentation here

We are pretty familiar with this game having managed Urban Terror servers for the Pizza Militia clan for many years so if you need some help don’t hesitate to ask in discord.

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