RoadKill is a multiplayer shooter where players drive around in vehicles collecting vehicle upgrades for weapons, armor and performance. The goal is to kill the other players and not be killed while racking up the highest score or being the first to reach the finish line depending on the game mode. Team games put two players in the same vehicle, one is the driver one as the governor. If the driver gets killed the governor moves into the driver seat and hast to go pick up his partner at the spawn point who will then be the governor

Game Modes

  • DeathMatch – If it moves Kill it, If it doesnt move .. Kill it AGAIN
  • Team DeathMatch – Same .. but with a friend
  • Death Rally – Race point to point
  • Tag – Someone is “it” .. Kill IT !

The Vehicles:

Vehicle Bulbars

The Weapons

Vehicle Upgrades

Server Options

  • Maplist
  • Gamemodes
  • Time limit
  • Score limit