These are the plain English terms of service between customers and I are gamer.

Our responsibilities: We are providing an internet service for you, the customer, 2 install and operate a game server. We will do our best to make sure you always have access to your service and it is functional. We have a 100% uptime guarantee. It is impossible for a server to be up 100% of the time because there are factors beyond our control such as Hardware failures that need to be replaced. What this means is that if there is any disruption in your service we will credit your account for the time the service was unavailable.

Your responsibilities: you are renting Computer Services to maintain files and access to operate a game server. You’re not running a web server, file hosting site, email scams, or anything else besides the game server. If you I doing something that you shouldn’t be doing you are account can be terminated without a refund. Because we want to help you have the best game server possible we may provide the ability for you to have a website file hosting or some other Associated service.. security is a main issue so do not try to hack disrupt or otherwise corrupt or change the files on your server or some other customer server or any other file Andy service.